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Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 08:56 pm
So my computer finally broke down for good. Or more like, it broke again, and I gave up trying to by it more time with new parts. Five years was a good service time anyway.

Luckily I have since gotten a new computer. Not so luckily, money is kind of thight right now, so after a half a decade of being a mac user, I've returned to using a PC. And I lost damn near everything that was on the old computer, because while I did have back-ups, those are on a hard-drive that PCs can't read, so I'm pretty fucked on that regard. Thank god I should be able to salvage at least most of my writings from email attachments, at least.

Most likely, I'll spend a few more days setting up this new one to the way I like it, and re-learning how to use a Windows (it's harder than it sounds! I keep typoing because the keyboard is all wrong and the touchpad doesn't work the way it's supposed to and everything is in wrong places. plah!) so I might be going on a mini-hiatus.

But what with it being so very long since I've last owned a Windows: any and all recommendations about programs I really should have would be great. I have all the basic ones, like Firefox, iTunes and Skype etc. but I just still kind of feel like I'm missing everything.

..also lost all my bookmarks, which just sucks. And I miss Safari..

Because of the computer situation, I didn't get to watch the Wild break Chicago's perfect record. Have to say, I really wasn't hold out much hope for that to happen.