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January 19th, 2013

kyyrandi: (Default)
Saturday, January 19th, 2013 07:56 pm
I may at times complain about our coach. I'm not exactly ecstatic about our goaltending. The power play could use some improving.

And yet, when they do something like winning two games in a row in as many days against a team that was just above them in standings, rising to number two, just four points behind the first place team in the process. Oh, how easy it is to forget everything but the love.

Plus, Salomäki scored on both nights, and our nineties line all together were just rocking it, and I can't even! 

(While on the subject of kids: Kasperi Kapanen, the son of Sami Kapanen scored his first SM-Liiga goal, and played on the same line as his dad. I feel old now.)

Kärpät better not only make the playoffs, but at the very least do a deep push, or I'm going to cry. Or who am I kidding, at this point, anything but the championship will lead to tears. And not the pretty kind either.

The only problem is since I'm a little high on the win, not to mention a very hyper, because of the caffeine I've drank so I'll be able to successfully pull and overnighter, so instead of patiently waiting for a couple more hours until puck drop, I feel like a five year old on sugar high, on christmas eve.

.. I thought about using this time in somewhat productively and writing, for about a half a minute, before deciding that I wouldn't be able to focus on it long enough to come up with anything printable anyway.