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Monday, January 14th, 2013 09:41 pm
Or well, the lack of it more like.

Oh fuck it.

I tried to make a deep and thoughtful post about journalistic responsibility and when should and shouldn't you try to be objective, but I'm just too pissed off right now to manage it.

Instead I just have this: anyone who thinks that making personal attacks against fans of a team because of actions of the owner of said team (and yeah, to me calling someone stupid because of actions you assume they are going to make is a personal attack) is good reporting is stupider than a sack of bricks.

As to what exactly brought this on? Today's What We Learned on Puck Daddy, where in his section on the Wild, Ryan Lambert wrote about how the team had raised ticket prizes (they hadn't, just changed they way they are displayed) by two dollars, to which Lambert answer was to a) blame Wild owner Greg Leopold on being solely responsible on the lockout b) continue that with making it the fault of STUPID Wild fans, who haven't expressed any kind of outrage about the action, which you know, no one had heard about before now (and which, still not actually thing that would be happening) and because Lambert seems to be able to see the future and know that all the Wild games will be sold out, despite these (not-) raised ticket prizes, because again, the Wild fans are STUPID.

Unfortunately the text itself has been edited out, (bad reporting in and of itself, IMO, and another thing that pisses me off: make a fucking correction, but don't try and wipe away what you wrote) so I can't quote from it directly, but let's just say that had I had any respect for Lambert in the past, it's definitely gone now.

Idek, I'd just like to see people who claim to be at least semi-legit sports writers try and behave better than 15 year old internet trolls.