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kyyrandi: (Default)
Saturday, May 11th, 2013 12:18 am
I have to say, I do adore our goalies to bits and pieces.

I mean how could you not, when pics like this happen:

... I'd wonder as to what the hell is going on here, but I'm pretty sure that reality wouldn't be nearly as hilarious as anything I could come up with.

In other news, Sweden losing to the Swiss was the best thing ever, save maybe the Russians losing to the French of all teams.

And as a side-note, I was endlessly irked today, watching the Finland-Russia game, by the way the play-by-play commentor kept calling Radulov as <i>Radulova</i>. I realize that most likely he just didn't know the meaning of it (basically, in Russia, you add an a or o to the end of a surname to indicate that the person in question is a female), but it bothered me all the same..

But because I like to fictionalize everything, it did make me think about names and how those are used in fics. Mostly involving patronymics and the ways Russians use them.. I just think that a kid fic about Geno becoming a dad, and insisting everyone call the baby by his full name 'cause he like the way evgenovich sounds.. Then again, I might just be geeking out about languages again.

In real life news, I woke up last night from a nightmare to a first panic attack I've had in years. So, you know, good times. I'm starting to think I need to talk to my doctor about doing something about my medication <i>again</i>, at the very least. I'm sure the topic of getting admitted at least for a short term, will also come up again.

kyyrandi: (Default)
Friday, May 3rd, 2013 08:20 pm
Team Finland just started their games at this years IIHF WC.

Usually, that'd mean the highlight of hockey season starting for me. This year, not so much. For one thing, I'm much more emotionally invested in the Wild's playoff run (even if I'm not exactly holding onto any hopes of them making it to the second round; pessimism is a long cultured survival mechanisim born out of years of cheering for teams that only ever lose).

But even if I wasn't, there's been just so much off-ice bullshit involving the tournament and our team this year for the past couple weeks or so, that I just feel like any and all exitment I might've had has been sucked right out.

But I guess I'm watching anyway. If not for any other reason, than to for once see Joni Ortio play for a team I cheer for.
kyyrandi: (Default)
Saturday, February 16th, 2013 02:09 pm
This post was actually started a couple of days ago, but then life interfered and I never had a change to finish it. Second time lucky?

First of, kudos for Jarmo Kekäläinen for becoming the first European GM in the NHL.

But moving on: I ran into a Finnish newssite's team Finland roster for Sochi, and well..

Tuomo Ruutu - Mikko Koivu - Valtteri Filppula
Mikael Granlund - Jori Lehterä - Lauri Korpikoski
Sean Bergenheim - Saku Koivu - Teemu Selänne
Leo Komarov - Niko Kapanen - Jesse Joensuu
Sakari Salminen

Kimmo Timonen - Sami Salo
Sami Vatanen - Toni Lydman
Janne Niskala - Ossi Väänänen
Joni Pitkänen

Pekka Rinne
Tuukka Rask
Kari Lehtonen

What ever the final roster, the goaltending will be the backbone by which this team will either rise or fall. The depth there is just amazing. Just that trio is a one you could win with, and the guys getting cut are nothing to scoff by either.

The site mentioned Bäckström, Niemi and Ortio as having the best changes. Some might add Kipper too, but he's likely to retire and in case, has already stated that he's retired from team Finland in any case, plus considering the history he has had with the team, he'd have to be riding a fifty game win streak before anyone would want him on it.

Where they are not looking so great though, is defense. They're kind of on the old side for one. After Vatanen, the youngest would be Pitkänen, whose thirty by the time the games roll by. Not too bad for a defenceman sure, but I'd still like to see some youth added in, especially when you add the fact that our would be number one pairing would be 38 and 39 years old. And that even if both of them are healthy which isn't exactly a guarenteed.

The problem is that where as goaltending is over flowing with depth, there really isn't any here. Outside of the guys mentioned, there isn't any NHL level players awailable. Hell, even having every single finnish defenceman currently playing there, and we're not even close to willing the roster.

And as for getting any youth on the blueline? Olli Määttä and Rasmus Ristolainen, the would be next great Finnish defensemen still won't have even turned twenty yet, so I'm not at all convinced that they'll be ready for the Olympics yet. Määttä maybe, but even that's a long shot.

Bottom line, I wouldn't say our blueline sucks, but it's not great either. And if any of the guys listed are unable to play for what ever reason, we are going to have problems.

And then finally, forwards. Idek where to start here. It's kind of a mess, in a freakishly awesome way? The first line is.. okay, in that Ruutu-Koivu pairing has worked well in the past, and Koivu-Filppula did nice enough at the Worlds last year. The problem you'll have with the three of them combined though, is that the line lacks a goal scorer. Which is something that would be nice to have on the freaking first line..

I have really mixed feelings about the second line. On one hand, having Granlund and Korpikoski on the same line might be a really good combination. Mostly I'm a bit on the fence about putting Lehterä there. He's on fifth place in scoring in the KHL this season, so by no means is he a bad player, but I'm just feeling a bit meh about this line as a whole.

In part it's with having Granlund on the wing. It's the safer option for sure, but unless the Wild end up playing him in that position for the most part this season and the next season, it seems both counter-productive and needless.

Personally, if Jussi Jokinen can get his play going from now on, I'd say Jokinen-Granlund-Korpikoski might be a combination worth considering.

And then we get to the third line. Obviously the fact that Selänne said after Vancouver that he wouldn't be playing for team Finland anymore is being taken seriously by absolutely no one. Then again, he has been retiring since 2006 so it's really no wonder. And for all that I complained about how old our blueline is, Selänne might be 43 by then, but it's SELÄNNE. Normal laws don't apply. Other than that, I don't really have anything to say about the line. I like it, assuming that we'd get the older Koivu of this season and not from the last season.

As for the fourth line, Komarov could maybe have a spot somewhere higher even?

As for players not on this lineup, I'd mostly just mention Barkov. I'm not saying that he's ready for a roster spot yet. But he does deserve to get considered for one. The danger here is that there might be pressure from the media to have him on the team, because it makes for a better story, but hopefully the coaching staff will make the decision about him based on skill alone.

If he does crack the lineup though, and Selänne plays, the age difference between our oldest and youngest player would be 25 years. And that'd be awesome!

It'd also be the sixth Olympics Selänne plays at. Even more awesomeness.

And then to wrap things up, some random observations about this weeks Becoming Wild:

- I wonder what the Wild's PR department used to bride/threathen/blackmail Mikko into letting a cameracrew into his home. Would love to be a fly on the wall to see that conversation go down.. :D

- THAT VIEW! Basically The coastal area in Turku is one of the most beautiful places in Finland, and I'm just jealous of that view.


And that about it. Now for a lovely day of cleaning up. Oh joy.

kyyrandi: (Default)
Friday, December 21st, 2012 02:42 am
.. Because as much as I love my iPhone, writing anything longer than a textmessage on it, kind of a bitch.

Mostly I'm just popping by to say that I'm in fact still alive, and planning on re-joining the world of active bloggers one of these days. Is just that, in perfect sequance of events the bane of my existence, also known as The Cat ate through YET ANOTHER computer power chord, which is not as those don't cost almost hundred euros a piece and it's not as if I wasn't pretty screwed financially already, and then on top of that my phone broke down, effectively cutting me off the net completely.

So yeah, that sucked.

Especially since while I have koe managed to get a new phone, I sadly remain computerless, and will propably continue to do so at least until January. Meaning among other things that suck ass, that I don't have anything to watch the World Juniors on.

Somehow, I'm not feeling particularly warm and fuzzy towards my cat at the moment..

But anyway, I really do need to very briefly vent on a few hockey related issues:
-my teams goalie situation is starting to cause epic levels of anxiety. Just when our number one goalie was finally starting to seem play like he might actually be worth his salt, he went and got a groin injury about a month ago, and will be on IR at least until New Years (possibly longer; in a recent interview our coach said that it hasn't been improving as well as they were hoping). So you know, good times.
- Speaking of my team, I don't even know where to start on the whole business with Turris and the G&M interview. I'm somewhat equally pissed off about what he said initially as I'm about the way he backpedaled on his words, without ever owning up to them..
Idek. But here's the thing. Let's imagine for a while, that the situation were reversed, say Selänne retires, moves back to Finland and then opens up about how much he hated playing in Canada and Winnipeg especially is the worst hellhole ever. Can anyone claim that there would be any end to the kind of shitstrom that would create? So why would a Canadian doing the exact same thing be even remotly okay?
(Also, there's just so many things I'd like to say about some of the fan reactions to all of it, and what that speaks about Finnish peoples national identity, but it's late and I was trying to keep this post short. I will say this though; gotta love the fact that having a messed up self-esteem is such a sore subject to some, that defending against comments such as Turris made is a sign of said bad self-esteem, because obviously only someone with bad self-esteem would feel that anything he said could be taken as offensive.)
- Despite the fact that I most likely will be unable to watch at least a majority of the World Juniors, I'm pretty exited for them. For one, I feel surprisingly optimistic about Finland finally ending our medal drought, since our team has a lot of promise this year. Which, I have to say, is a somewhat foreign feeling, since I'm more used to being convinced that any international competition will bring nothing but doom and gloom with them. But any case, I'm most exited about seeing Barkov in action, the kid is going to be amazing.
- Speaking of Barkov, I'm thinking about doing a primer on him when I eventually have a working computer in my possession again. Mainly because more people need to know about how great he is. For one 28 points in 32 games is no small feat for a seventeen year old, playing against adults. Plus, he's pretty much the first Finnish player in the history of ever, with a legitimate change of being the first overall draft, pick, so there's that. Possibly the primer might include some other top Finnish prospect as well. (Mostly, because there's no way I'm not taking the oppertunity of gushing about Salomäki..)

I really was planning on making a quick, short post, honest. Oh well.

To end, hopefully everyone will have great holidays. I'll be travelling up north on saturday, to visit my dad until christmas day, and will be extreme unlikely to post anything then, so my best wishes for everyone now. :)