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kyyrandi: (hands)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 12:44 am
So my life has been kind of a mess for the past few months and I haven't really felt like writing pretty much anything. But more on that on some other post, because I still don't feel like getting too much into it.

Like so many others, I was shocked by  what happened last week in Boston. I have an aunt who lives there with his husband and it took some time last Tuesday before we could be sure that everything was okay with them. I've never been so scared in my life to be watching the news. I just can't say just how much I feel for all the people affected by what happened.

I visited Boston for the summer in 2007, living with said aunt, and just fell in love with it instanly. From the first day there, I've never felt so at home anywhere else, as I did there. If possible, I'd move there for good in an instant, still. And i't also the very last place I would've thought something like this would ever happen in..

I wrote sometime ago about how my old computer broke down and I lost all the files on it. Turns out some of it was salvagable after all. Today as I was going through the stuff I did recover from it, I ran into a short story I've written sometime in the fall of -08, a year after my stay in Boston, for a creative writing class I was taking at the time. I don't remember the exact assigment, but I guess you could call it an extremely condensed travel diary. I thought I'd translate it and post it here, because it reminds me of the beautiful city I want to remember.

Fair warning to anyone about to read this; I was much more inclined to unnessisery sentimentality five years ago than I am today.

My Boston
My Boston is a torturesly long flight over the Atlantic. Nowhere does human selfisness show quite the same way it does as in an aeroplane. You can be sure that the person in front of you doesn't give a damn about you having to sit with your knees in your face, simply so they can lower their seat down. Those of better fortunes sit in the Business class of course. With no little bitterness you'll note that they'd have enough room for a ball, as you finally exit the plane.

My Boston is a runway, going all the way to the ocean. It's the first time I see Atlantic up close, there on the tarmac. Not really the same as the homely Baltic Sea. My Boston is customs formalities that drag on for hours. Frustrating forms and people who don't care that I haven't slept in close to 24 hours.

It's customs officials with handsguns - the kind I've only seen in movies before now - at their hips. My Boston is one of them looking at my passport. Asking me if I ever smile. I just feel so tired I could weep. Smile, baby! You're in America now!

My Boston is a subway cart, making it's way to the Longfellow Brigde as the sun sinks in to the Charles River. And my Boston is Cambridge,  the river between and the bridges that connect the two. My first look at Boston is from the window of a subway cart.

On the one side of the river, the grand buildings that make up one of the most famous schools in the world, MIT. And on the other, an esplanade, lined by trees. I'm looking at one of the richest areas of Boston, Back Bay and it's skyscrapers. There are little boats with white sails on the rivers. As the train rides on, I hardly even remember being tired.

My Boston is the Ivy League school, Harvard. There is always a school somewhere on Harvard Yard, by which I can spend hours and hours reading, getting bothered by none. I'd have to be a student to get inside the giant Widener Libary, but the sun always shines on where I sit on the steps. Trying to save my food from being stolen by the squirrels.

My Boston is squares. Central Squares, Harvard Squares, Copley, Davis. Harvard Square is bookstores everywhere, a true geek heaven. When the last Potter comes out, there's a party going all night long and every shop has customers a plenty. Central is a the subway station for home. And heavenly ice cream. They say even Dalai Lama has been there. Copley and Davis are slowly cooling nights with other youth. They are the places of one last summer of Young Rebellion. Of chainsmoking and underage drinking.

My Boston is also museums and history. I see lighting and get to play around in the Museum of Science and in the Fine Arts Museum I skip Edward Hopper. It takes a whole sunday to walk the Freedom Trail, and I don't even go it from start to finish. The red line painted on the road takes me though the Revolutionary War. My trip ends with a church, belltower and the English coming. I don't make it to the teaparty.

And most of all, my Boston is the sea. The trip to the Revere Beach takes half an hour at best of times and need to change subways to times, and yet I go there as often as I can. In the smothering heat, it'd be worth it just for the breeze alone. My first time going, I'm told to get down on the ground if I hear shots fired. I try to laugh, but get told that it's no joke. I never hear any.

My Boston is contentment.

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 08:51 pm
I'm nearing 6k in words with the Granlund/Koivu fic I'm working on. And instead of feeling like I might be maybe getting to something like a halfway point at least, I think I maybe need to be adding some scenes I hadn't previously thought I'd need. If been thinking that there's no way I'll reach 50k, much less go over it, but idek, it might be a possibility?

In any case, I just finished the most emotional/angsty scene in the fic so far. It wasn't fun? If someone wants to rec some shameless fluff to get my mind of it, that'd be fantastic.

I'm feeling somewhat nervous about today's Flames - Wild game. Mostly because Granlund is playing in the first PP unit and I reeeally want him to be great with that and also because I'm pessimistic at heart I worry about how it'll play out in the media if he's anything but great..

And it would just be nice if they'd get the damn PP going in general. And maybe score some goals. Winning would be nice too.
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Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 08:49 pm
... and on the good writing days nothing else matters.”
-Neil Gaiman
“Being a writer is a very peculiar sort of a job: it's always you versus a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and quite often the blank piece of paper wins.”
-The same

Those two quotes pretty much sum up everything that's been going on for me for the past few days. Mostly I'm glad of the steady headway I'm making with the fic that I'm currently working on, but at the same time, I'm a bit miffed that I went from getting nearly 2K done in one day, to just barely breaking a thousand in the next three combined. Oh well.

At least next week is the winter break around here, meaning that I have a whole week to spend doing nothing but writing, if I so wish.

Or well, not the whole week. Since at some point in there, I do need to spend some time hitting the books as well. By which I mean that I've started cramming for the entrance exams to get to Uni. I'm trying to get in the University of Tampre, either to study English literature, filology and translation or Social Sciences. The first one has already announced their exam books (which is great, because there's three of them) but the other won't do that until April.

The book that I'm reading right now is called The Study of Language, by George Yale. So far I'm really liking it, it's really well and interrerstingly written and easy to grasp. Luckily that one is also the only one of the books that need to be studied from cover to cover. So that helps. The two others are book called Ways of Reading by Martin Montgomery et al, which focuses more on literature, where as the first one is more about filology.

A friend of mine who got in the same place and had to study the same books a couple of years earlier, said that Montgomery's book is maybe a bit more boring of the two. Then again, I'm much more interested in studying literature, where as she gets exited about things like phonetics and syntax, so I might not feel quite the same about this. We'll see.

Anyway, the last book is Introducing Translation Studies by Jeremy Munday. It's the only book I don't have yet, so know idea what it's going to end up like. But I'm really hoping it's a good one as translating is one of the areas I'm seriously considering focusing on if I get in, (the others are teaching and minoring in journalism.)

The exams won't be before the end of May, start of June, so thankfully I still have plenty of time. For now I'm trying to keep to a scheduale of studying for two hours every week day, and three to four on Saturdays.

In hockey news: The Wild beat the Red Wings! And it was really awesome! Zucker scored his NHL first! Kuemper got his first NHL win! In total, they had five rookie in the line-up! And Granlund is on a three game point streak!

I kind of hate this team, because just when I'm starting to give up on them and resign to them not winning anything ever - and that's okay, I'm Finnish, we've been raised to expect our teams to suck always, so much so that we don't know what to do with ourselfs if they don't and go batshit insane - and then they do something like this.

And then I get exited about the team again, only to have all hopes squashed all over again soon enough. (And why do I always cheering for teams like this! It's not just the Wild, I just described my SM-Liiga team's whole season too!)

It's just exhausting is all. Either suck, or don't. Do you have to do both?

Also, keeping up with my favorite topic ever. By which I mean rookies and unrealistic expectations placed on them. A while back, I was reading a finnish hockey forum, and happened to a thread about the Wild's rookies. And in there, some complete asshat, compared Brodin to Niklas Lidström of all people. I mean what the hell? Why would you do that?

We are talking about a 17 year old kid here! And you are hailing him as the "next greatest defenseman ever" already? How is that anything but setting him up for a failure?

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Saturday, February 16th, 2013 02:12 am
Almost 2k into a fic and the only contact between the main pairing so far is a reference to a conversation they've had in the past. I guess it might end up being kind of a long one?

In other news, I somehow ended up watching Jonas Brodin's draft video on youtube. He's maybe kind of cute? Why is he cute? He's a Swedish hockey player, they aren't allowed to be cute, god damn it!

A couple of weeks ago Alexander Barkov made SM-Liiga history by becoming the youngest player ever to record forty points or more during a season. He now has 19+22=41 in 44 games, is second on his team in scoring and ninth in the league. He's also +17, also second place on his team, and fourth in the league.

And he's yet to play less than 15 minutes in a game, and his current average TOI is 19.25. Other than the time he spent at the WJC, he hasn't missed a game this season.

The kid won't even turn eighteen before September! I just don't know anymore, if one should be fucking impressed with all that he's done or really really scared that he's current team is about to ruin an incredible future star by overplaying him. So for now I'm settling for doing a lot bit of both.

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 06:26 pm
 And one of them happens to work at a local theater. Which is how yesterday, I went and saw opera in person for the first time in my life. And I only had to pay one euro for the tickets, since it was a pre- opening night showing. The opera in question was Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio, which had been adapted and set to modern day Finland. I'm not in anyway a huge opera fan, but overall it was really fun experience.

Also, since the friend who had gotten us the tickets just had a birthday, we went out afterwards, just to play some pool and hang around. Can't even remember when's the last time I've had so much fun going out.

I keep meaning to write about all the things I'm looking forward about the upcoming NHL season, but then I get distracted by new videos and and articles and putting it off. (For all my complaining in the previous post, I am so very happy that there are once again actual hockey news to read.)

But here are some very jumbled thoughts on it:

A) Teemu Selänne cracking the top 10 career goals scored. Being that he only needs six goals for that, it shouldn't be an overly long wait, thankfully.

B) Granlund's first NHL goal. For everyone's sake I'm really hoping this comes as soon as possible. Saturday's game would be best. And not just because the kid deserves all the good things happening to him, but also because I can already see the way at least portions of Finnish media will make out like he is a bust with no future what so ever, if he hasn't scored by his fifth game. And then I'd be annoyed, because would it kill these people to have some patience! and all in all I'd just rather not.

C) Wild making the playoffs. No reason why they couldn't do it, as long as they stay at least somewhat healthy. Which leads me to..

D) Mikko Koivu having a full, injury-free season. Just, please hockey gods, make it so.

E) Seeing Crosby score and score. And then score some more. By the time I started watching the NHL last spring the Pens were already out of the playoffs. So all I've ever really seen of the wonder child is highlight reels, and while those are all well and good, I can't wait to finally see him in action for real.

and finally

F) Pekka Rinne having a career best, Vezina winning year. Not really holding my breath on this happening (not the Vezina at least), but one can always hope.

Been doodling around with some writing ideas once again. The Carter/Richards Second-trade-never-happened!AU is at a point where I have a complete plot outline for it. I think? I'd just need to decide just how depressing I want the ending to be.

And then there's the Koivu/Granlund fic i should get around to completing, especially now that those two are finally in the same continent and playing for the same team. Mostly my problems with that is, that on one hand, the fic I originally had planned is going to end up loooong, and I get frustrated with it and just want to jump right to the sex. But then on the other hand, every time I try and write any sex scenes with the paring I feel like a creeper, what with Granlund being the Official Little Brother of Finland.. So that's something I need to get over.

While on the subject of Koivu/Granlund, Mikko's first post-lockout interview on WildTV gave me so much feels. Talking about lockout being over and how exited everyone is and how it's good to be getting back to playing hockey? No facial expressions what so ever. Getting asked about Granlund? Instant smile. (Careful now, you're adoration is showing.)
(The vid in question.)

Also, if I've looked correctly, based on the interviews, Kyle Brodziak sits between Mikke and Mikko? Meaning that there should be a fic about how they are constantly hassling each other because of UST, and Brodziak, the innocent by-stander gets caught up in it, until one day he can't take it anymore and lock them in a closet (because locked in closet is a great trope and there can never be too much of it!). And then sex happens. But the hassling doesn't stop, if anything it gets even worse, and Brodziak despairs. Someone, please make this happen!

In not fic related writings, I've been thinking about a Barkov primer, because everyone should love him, and then thought that while I'm at it, I might as well do a primer on baby Finns in general. (And yes, it's because I want to gush about Salomäki, shut up. :D). So if anyone out there has any specific Finnish prospects in mind that they want to know more about, let me know.

Oh right, almost forgot, if there's someone out there lovely enough to to some betaing for me, I'd be so very very grateful. One of the reasons I've been stuck with my writing is that I get overly conscious of all the hang-ups of my second language english and having a beta would really help with that.

Finally, and also on the list of things I almost forgot: a very big welcome to all the new people on my friendslist!
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 10:55 pm
I'm actually thinking about signing up for the [ profile] hockeybigbang . Which, is really not something that I should do, since writing challenges always just make me choke up and panic and I end up unable to do anything, even in the cases where I already had a working draft to start with..

It's just I've been doodling with an idea for a Koivu/Granlund fic, which seems like it could end up being reasonably long and sort of perfect for a big bang. And also, the more people being exposed to the pairing the better. (Seriously, they're pretty much the Finnish version of Staal/Skinner pairing, so you know, age difference angst with some added moodiness. Also long-distance feels.. What more could you want?)

So maybe, for once, I could turn this into a motivation to write the god damn thing for real.

While on the subject of things that are crazy. Someone please tell me that trying to get someone to lend me a car for tomorrow so I could ride 200 kilometer just to watch an exhibition hockey game is not worth it. Especially when I really don't have the money for it. Not even to see Rinne in the grease.